Supply number Product Supply Date Supply volume
Base price
Supply information
29 Iranian heavy crude oil 21.08.2019 2 million 52.81 File
30 Iranian heavy crude oil 27.08.2019 2 million 50.37 File
31 Iranian heavy crude oil 03.09.2019 2 million 50.54 File
32 South Pars gas-condensate 11.09.2019 2 million 56.09 File
33 Iranian light crude oil 17.09.2019 2 million 56.78 File
34 Iranian heavy crude oil 24.09.2019 2 million 54.33 File
35 South Pars gas-condensate 01.10.2019 2 million 58.58 File
36 Iranian light crude oil 08.10.2019 2 million 61.01 File
37 South Pars gas-condensate 18.11.2019 2 million 57.87 File
38 Iranian light crude oil 19.11.2019 2 million 56.72 File
39 Iranian heavy crude oil 20.11.2019 2 million 52.77 File
  NO. Product Supply Date Supply volume
Base price
Volume of deals
Deal price
1 Iranian light crude oil 07.11.2018 1 million 79.15 280000 74.85
2 Iranian light crude oil 11.11.2018 700000 71.59 700000 64.97
3 Iranian light crude oil 18.02.2019 1 million 56.81 35000 52.25
4 Iranian heavy crude oil 30.04.2019 1 million 63.51 70.000 60.68
شرایط عمومی
  1. Applicants must deposit 6% of the order’s value as a prepayment in Iranian Rial or foreign currencies before the start of trading.
  2. Regarding the qualification of participants, being capable of paying the prepayment in clause 1 is the only qualification criterion and purchase by all domestic and foreign companies is unrestricted.
  3. The destination for purchased crude oil is limitless and export to all countries except the occupied territories of Palestine is allowed.
  4. Minimum cargo size for sea delivery is 35,000 bbl and for land delivery is 1,000 bbl
  5. Delivery period will end latest by 90 days after the trading date and Buyer is obliged to lift the cargo within this period according to the procedure mentioned in supply announcement.
  6. For payment/settlement, a provisional invoice will be issued in Iranian Rial or US Dollar format with a value equal to 100 percent of the cargo value, ten days prior to the first day of cargo loading date range. The Buyer is obliged to pay this provisional invoice in cash or through credit procedure into the bank account declared by CSDI or NIOC out of clearance of CSDI.
  7. In case of credit settlement, Buyer(s) must clear the cargo value based in the agreed method latest by 90 calendar days after cargo loading-B/L date.
  8. Delivery type and point in case of sea delivery is FOB Kharg terminal or via ship to ship operation, in case of land delivery for crude oil is the oil tanks of Tabriz Refinery and for gas condensates is the oil tanks of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery