Supply number Product Supply Date Supply volume
Base price
Volume of deals
Deal price
Supply information
8 Iranian light crude oil 04.03.2019 1 million 59.63 - - File
9 South Pars gas-condensate 11.03.2019 1 million 66.31 - - File
10 Iranian light crude oil 18.03.2019 1 million 61.73 - - File
11 Iranian light crude oil 09.04.2019 1 million 63.36 - - File
12 South Pars gas-condensate 16.04.2019 1 million 67.85 File
13 Iranian light crude oil 23.04.2019 1 million 65.43 File
14 Iranian heavy crude oil 30.04.2019 1 million 63.51 70.000 60.68 File
15 South Pars gas-condensate 07.05.2019 1 million 72.20 File
16 Iranian light crude oil 21.05.2019 2 million 67.28 File
17 Iranian heavy crude oil 28.05.2019 2 million 64.29 File

NIOC Offers 1 mb of Gas Condensate at IRENEX
TEHRAN (NIOC) _ The National Iranian Oil Company).
شرایط عمومی

1-Minimum purchase volume (LOT size): 35,000 bbls

2-The destination for purchased crude oil is limitless and export to all countries except the occupied territories of Palestine is allowed.

3-Payment/settlement procedure can be done in 3 ways:

- Conditional

-20% of cargo’s value in Iranian Rial by full cash
-80% of cargo’s value in US dollar or other foreign currencies through credit procedure

- Full cash in Iranian Rial

- 6% of order’s value in cash and rest of parts can be paid out of clearance

4-Buyer should deposit 6% of order’s value in  accounts announced by CSDI in Iranian Rial or in accounts announced by NIOC out of clearance of CSDI, before the start of supply trading date.

5-The exchange rate is based on the average daily sale and purchase price of USD on the SANA website. (SANA exchange rate quoted on

6-Purchase by all domestic and foreign companies is unrestricted.

7-Upon the request of Buyer and subject to the approval of NIOC, crude oil can be delivered on land from the Tabriz Refinery crude oil reservoirs and gas condensate can be delivered on land from Bandar Abbas oil products storage tanks.